Interested in adopting?

Great! Complete and Submit an Adoption Application and let's get going!  If you have any questions, pl ease email us at!    **Add to your contact list OR be sure to check your junk mailbox if you're looking for our email!!**

Adoption Process

Once we receive your application, it takes our volunteers a couple or few days to process (this usually depends on call backs from landlords, veterinarians, and references).  Upon approval of your application, we can set up a socially distant meet to determine if it's a good fit between the pet and the adopter. 

If everything works out, we'll get the Adoption Contract signed and the Adoption Fees of $100/cat settled and finalize the adoption!

Our primary interest is the well-being of the pets and any decisions with respect to their Forever will be based in their favor.  

We hope to help you find your best Forever Cat and welcome any questions or any preferences that we can be on the lookout for you! Our email is!